This is a list of our classmates that (as of now) I have not been able to confirm as members of our Facebook page or as updated on this "Classmates" list. If you have contact information for any of them please let them know about the website, Facebook page or forward their information to Lisa Hoffman. Some of you may be members under a different last name (maiden name, etc) so just let me know and I will take you off of "the list."

Atkins, Michael C.
Blofeld, Theodore
Burkhart, James
Cain, Darren
Christian, George
Conrad, Thomas
Cornet, Christopher
Davis, Theresa
Foust, Cathleen
Gelatka, John
Grega, John
Hardesty, Douglas
Hatvany, Lisa D.
Hazen, Jeffrey
Holy, Michele
Holmes, Mary L.
Hood, Craig
Horvat, David
Hubeny, Tim J
Hummel, Jane
Klink, Richard
Koesel, John
Lake, John
Laut, Loren
Leuschel, Brian D.
Mahoney, Wendy
Masterson, Colleen
McCaffrey, Jane
McFetridge, John W
Medvitz, Stacy
Meyer, Ericka
Miller, Fred
Mohr, Bradley
Monachino, Christian
Monastra, Brian
Pettry, Michael S.
Pendolino, Gregory
Phillips, Matthew
Richard, Sandra
Roth, Kevin
Runyon, Laura
Salvatore, Dominic
Schaefer, Carrie
Sampson, Michele
Schmidt, Lenn
Schulz, Adam
Shaw, Roger
Tyree, Sheri
Shepherd, April M.
Skortz, Teri A.
Snyder, Mark S.
Spence, Cynthia
Szanto, Sandor
Thacker, Jennifer
Tresch, Erin
Urban, Brad
Vacha, DeeAnne
Voyner, Robert
Zappy, Peter A.
Zarlinga, Timothy
Zoldesy, Thomas